Rules of the Game

The basic rules of the game that you need to know as a player:

  1. The RTP of the game is 97.0%
  2. The maximum odds per round are 25,000X
  3. Users place bets before starting a new round
  4. The interface consists of two betting fields and an animated broadcast
  5. At the beginning of the round, the animated broadcast shows a painted rocket, on which a man who looks like Elon Musk is sitting, takes off
  6. At any moment of the round, the user can press the withdrawal button and receive his winnings depending on the chances at that moment
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Rocket X Game Algorithm

Rocket X is a game with a completely unpredictable end result. The fact is that this game is made using Provably Fair technology. This technology is based on a random number generator, so the result of each round is generated randomly by artificial intelligence. It is impossible to predict exactly when the rocket will fall.

Игра Rocket X
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How to Start Playing Rocket X on 1win?

Every player over the age of 18 can start playing and winning at Rocket X on 1win. We have prepared detailed instructions for you on how to do this:

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  1. Open the 1win website or app;
  2. Click on the register button and create an account by filling in the fields - Email, phone number, password, currency;
  3. Click on the deposit button and replenish your balance in any way convenient for you;
  4. Find "Rocket X" on the casino page using the search bar;
  5. Place your bets and win!

Immediately after you hit "Cashout" during the round, your winnings will be credited to your balance and you can withdraw them from 1win.

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Play Rocket X for Real Money

This is the main game mode where you place bets directly and win them. You can place one or two bets per round, wait for the desired value, and then click the cash out button. Immediately after that, the money won will go to your 1win balance, and you can withdraw it.

Игра Rocket X
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Download Rocket X Game

Players can download and install the 1win app on their smartphone for free. This allows you to play and win on Rocket X at any time. In order to download Rocket X you need:

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  1. Open the 1win mobile site in any browser and go to the bottom of the site (the button is available below)
  2. Click on the button with the logo of the operating system of your smartphone;
  3. Download and install the application on your gadget.
  4. After that, the 1win icon will appear on the main screen of your smartphone, you can open it, log in to your account or create one, top up your balance and start playing.

Rocket X is optimized for playing on different devices, you can see the process of rocket takeoff, statistics and make bets in one click. Transactions are also available to quickly withdraw your winnings.

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The Best Rocket X Casino Strategies

A game based on a random number generator is completely unpredictable. It is impossible to predict the winning outcome in advance, and yet there are a number of strategies and tactics that are popular with regular Rocket X Crash Game players. We want to tell you about the most popular of them.

Double Stakes

You make two bets per round. You shoot one of them at a factor of 2.0 so you don't lose anything. The other is when you are waiting for the big odds you want.

Mathematical Probability

Despite the fact that the outcome of each round is random, there is a mathematical theory of probability. Based on this, several high odds in a row are unlikely, as well as low ones. Do not bet for a while, wait for several low odds to come up in a row and then place your bet.

Big Bet Strategy

You make a big bet and cash it out as quickly as possible with odds of 1.3-1.5. This way you minimize your chances of losing. However, if the plane crashes early in the round, you will lose everything.

Low Stakes Strategy

You bet at low odds expecting real high odds. Thus, you risk losing some money and get a chance to win a lot.

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Rocket X Tricks

There are a number of tricks used by Rocket X players that can slightly increase the chances of winning. We would like to share them with you:

Rocket X
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Key Features of 1win Rocket X

Rocket X has a large audience of players, from hundreds to thousands of users around the world play it constantly, and this is not surprising. The game has a number of features and benefits, and we have highlighted the main ones:

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  1. The game is played live and the result of each round is the same for all users;
  2. You can see statistics on previous rounds, as well as bets of other players;
  3. Whether you win or lose is largely up to you;
  4. You can play in demo mode to better understand the basics of the game;
  5. The interface is as clear as possible and you get your winnings in two taps on the screen;
  6. The game has an RTP of 97.0%, which is pretty high for a casino game, and the max win goes up to 20,000X!