Aviator Casino

Casino Aviator: Play for Money on the official website

Aviator is a crash game where players can bet on a plane and watch it fly while playing for money. Exciting game that allows you to win money by betting on odds and multipliers.

With a bet of only $5, you can win $100 almost instantly.

Game type Gambling Game
Official name Aviator
Return to player (RTP) 97%
Provider Spribe Innovative Casino Gaming
Similar games Lucky Jet, Jet X, Rocket X
Minimum bet 0.10$
Maximum bet 100$
Maximum win up to 10,000$
Mobile version Yes
Demo version Yes
Provably Fair Yes

Game Aviator

Aviator - is a game for money. Has a simple interface, which has a detailed description of the game for money. Two versions were presented in the online casino showcase. The second version was successful and hosted a furroar in the game industry.

Aviator was recognized as the best money game in online casinos 1win, pin up, 1xbet and other popular sites and quickly gained the trust of players

The essence of the game Aviator

The essence of the Aviator game is to catch the plane until it flies off the playing field. The player makes a bet and launches the plane and at a convenient ratio takes his winnings. Sometimes the plane just flies away and the round is considered complete.

Watch for the flight of aircraft

In the game Aviator the player acts as a dispatcher, observes the flight of his corn man and bets on the plane.

In the game the aviator plane flies within the radar and marked with a red flag

It is necessary to follow and be attentive, the plane can fly at any moment.

During the flight on the screen is rapidly dialing

This is the multiplier that will be applied to the bet. This formula counts as a win. The user can receive a payout of both x1 and x1000

The game panel consists of two bets

In the game Aviator can be made as one bet at once two simultaneously. It is important to stop the plane in time before it flies off the playing field.

The rate is calculated as follows

In the event that the player manages to catch his coefficient and complete the round before the plane leaves the screen, the game is considered lost. If the plane is caught in time, the bet is multiplied by the factor at the time the game stops. It’s quite simple.

How to play Aviator

When the plane starts (takes off) — the scale of multipliers of your bet starts to grow. The winner is the player who has time to collect the winnings before the plane on the screen flies away. Aviator initially gained popularity in the video game industry and became popular in the casino slots range due to its simplicity and social gaming experience

How to play Aviator

Waiting for a new round

We wait for a new round and bet or even two simultaneously. After that the plane takes off and starts multiplying your bet. Multiplication can be up to 300 or 1000 times, or it can be broken almost immediately.

Making a New Bet

So you can make two bets at once to collect the first part of the winnings, for example, when the plane flew up to 2x. And the second bet cash out after the plane flies to 7x, multiplying your bet by 7 times!

Collect winnings

Your task is to click the cashing button until the plane flies off to pick up your winnings!

Aviator Strategy

Experienced players always try to follow the pre-selected strategy, use cheats and work strategies of Aviator. However, they do not guarantee permanent wins, but reduce the risk of losing the entire bankroll.

Highroll Tactics

According to the recommendations, you need to make high bets on the low multiplier and minimum investment on high factors. This scheme is widely used by fans of the game Aviator. The goal of the strategy — limit the risk of losing, maintain a stable balance, ensure frequent wins.

Tactics volatility

Game with volatility and quick withdrawal of money. You need to make higher bets and take money with low multiplier. Minimum value of coefficient available for removal ; x1.35.

Martingale Strategy

Martingale’s strategy is well known to all fans of the game. After each losing bet you need to double the investment amount. The method is relevant for a large bankroll.

General Recommendations

  1. Control emotions;
  2. Do not give in to gambling;
  3. Set the game time limit — no more than an hour;
  4. Control bankroll — bet up to 5% of pot;
  5. Stop-loss — set limits after which you need to quit the game.

Stats in game Aviator and its advantages

The benefits of statistics can be felt even in the demo version, it opens by default and automatically. And to start playing for money and make a real bet, you need to be registered at the casino and the balance must be positive. Aviator offers a wide range of betting options that start at the minimum and end at the highest.

The player can personally make sure that payments are made and the whole process is as transparent as possible. Spribe has an official Curacao license and they do not provide their software to establishments of dubious reputation.

The visitor has the opportunity to analyze the algorithm because, despite the huge number of possible combinations, the random number generator in the game Aviator produces some combinations with a certain frequency. For example, it has been observed that multipliers in the x100 average appear on the game screen once every 1-2 hours.

Experienced players develop their own game strategy based on their own experience and observation of winning combinations. For example, one hour has passed since the last appearance of a large multiplier x150, you can try to take a risk and make a big bet within the next half hour. The statistics window displays all possible game strategies.

How to Bet in Aviator Game?

In a fast and dynamic gaming interface to navigate seemingly and simply, but players usually merge their first deposit. While the player thinks, the plane flies away and the money disappears. The tips listed below may be useful for the first game:

  • Before starting the next flight, the player can choose the size of their bet in Aviator from four main options: $1, $2, $5 and $10, which are presented in the betting menu. The bet format must be selected within five seconds.
  • If the player decides to interrupt the flight of the plane, he can receive a payment according to the selected coefficients. The minimum coefficient is 1.10. For convenience, if you do not want to constantly click on the screen, you can set the automatic play mode in the window directly below the screen.
  • The same design is used in the second betting block. The statistics information is at the bottom of the game screen.

Aviator is a convenient application that is not overloaded with extra bookmarks and settings. Everything you need to play for money can be found on one screen.

Tips for betting size in a game Aviator:

  • The size of the bet is determined by the user, but it is better to start with minimum values.
  • Small bets will help to learn the interface and mechanics of the game in real conditions, to avoid a quick loss of money and subsequently increase the amount of bet.
  • You can try out different strategies and evaluate the performance of the system of duplicate bets - one of the main chips of the application. Two simultaneous bets can bring increased profits.

How to Win an Aviator at Online Casino: Tips

There are some important rules that at first glance sound simple, but most players are so immersed in the game that they forget about banal things and dump the pot.

Try the game demo

Before you start playing real money online casinos, take advantage of the free game and test the Aviator in demo mode. Even 5 minutes is enough for you to have a picture of the game. If you are satisfied with everything, go through the registration procedure, fund your account and go ahead.

Determine Bankroll

Of course, every player has a goal to win. But this does not always happen, otherwise the casino would simply go bankrupt. So, before the first bet for real money, set yourself a limit. Conditionally, you are ready to lose $20. Once you have reached this threshold, stop playing immediately.

Do not try to win back

This is the biggest mistake of most players. We conducted our own surveillance, on the ground points of the slot machines. And saw the following. As soon as the player entered the «kuraja» he without hesitation started «merge; the pot, trying to win back, in 80-90% of cases he was left behind.

Assess your chances

If you have come to the casino and have deposited $10, you can’t expect slot machines to give you the chance to win $10,000. Yes, there are exceptions to the rules, but as practice shows, the casino really gives the opportunity to increase the amount of the deposit several times, but no more.

Functionality and features of the Aviator Game

Autoplay and Auto Cashout

Bets and cashout

  • To place a bet, select the desired amount and click Bet. You can make two bets at the same time by adding a second betting panel. To do this, click on the «+»icon located in the upper right corner of the betting panel.
  • To withdraw your winnings, press the Casheout button. Your winnings will be equal to the bet amount multiplied by the cashew ratio.
Aviator features

How to withdraw money from Aviator

  • After placing bets, the system automatically calculates their results, and the player’s balance is updated instantly. In most modern online casinos and betting establishments, the amount available for withdrawal is usually $1 to $100.
  • You can save some of your winnings in Aviator for the future. If you have activated bonuses or prize features, you will need to play them, but you will need to do so not in the Aviator itself, but through the video slots window.
How to withdraw money from Aviator

Casino Aviator - Brands

The Aviator Game is widely represented on all popular online casino sites. We have selected the most popular brands, where you can play Aviator game for real money.

Aviator at Casino 1win

The main reason for the success of the game is 1win Aviator is its simple rules, which combined with a colorful gaming interface make it fascinating. The virtual club of this casino has hundreds of thousands of active players. The minimum bet in the game is 10 cents (0.1 USD). Beginners can receive welcome bonuses for registration and account replenishment. The game account receives immediately +500% of additional game money.

Aviator at Casino Pin Up

One of the most famous platforms not only among online casino fans, but also betters. To start playing Aviator in Pin Up must be registered. Newcomers will also receive a welcome bonus of 150% of their first deposit if they have been credited within the first hour of registration, plus 150 free spins (slot spins).

Aviator at Casino 1xbet

1xBet - famous online casino that offers a wide range of entertainment from sports betting to casino games. Aviator 1xbet from Spribe is also featured on the site. Among other things, 1xbet has a nice bonus policy, this is done to ensure that the time is as comfortable and profitable as possible.

Aviator at Olimpbet Casino

Reliable betting office. Here you can play in Aviator in demo mode and for real money. There is also a bonus policy, with 100% deposit welcome bonus for new players.

Aviator at Mostbet Casino

If you have come to the casino and have deposited $10, you can’t expect slot machines to give you the chance to win $10,000. Yes, there are exceptions to the rules, but as practice shows, the casino really gives the opportunity to increase the amount of the deposit several times, but no more.

Aviator at Casino 365Bet

Online casino with a large range of table and card entertainment, slot machines and live games category. Here you can also play Aviator for money on the official website or by downloading the mobile app.

Aviator game for money, the whole truth

All novice players often look for a magic button or as it is still called "the whole truth about the game Aviator". Aviator Game is a gamble and it has a new mechanic that consists of a cold head, rely only on yourself.

Here you learned about the game Aviator, which can be played for money: its rules, according to the estimation of profitability, volatility, strategies and tactics and other equally important aspects. If you want to start playing Aviator, it is important to remember a few tips that will help you not lose your savings

Elements to consider when choosing an online casino

  • The presence of an official license issued by the gaming commission in one of the jurisdictions, ensures the legality and reliability of the casino.
  • The large number of casino reviews on independent gambling portals can give an idea of the quality of casino services and player satisfaction.
  • Clear rules that specify all nuances, including a list of countries whose residents are forbidden to play in this casino, avoid unpleasant surprises and conflicts.
  • The ability to open a game account in different currencies allows players from different countries to choose the most convenient option.
  • The availability of a large number of payment systems facilitates the process of replenishment and withdrawal, which is an important factor for comfortable play.
  • Qualified support service, answering online questions, provides quick and effective solution of emerging problems and improves the quality of service.

Good luck and sensible approach in this simple simple simple game! Remember that the main thing is fun and passion, so do not forget to control your bets and play responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Novice players often ask such questions as how to play the Aviator game or where to play Aviator. We have compiled for you a list of the most common questions and answered them:

How long is the round in Aviator Spribe?

The duration of each round in the Aviator game is from 10 to 30 seconds. It all depends on the coefficient that will play in this round. As long as the odds go up, the round continues and your potential winnings increase.

What is the minimum amount to be paid in an Aviator game?

In the slot itself, the minimum payout ratio is 1.01. But how much you need to withdraw money to your card or e-wallet will also depend on the limits of the casino in which you play at Aviator. Most often the amount starts from 1-2 dollars.

How can I withdraw money from Aviator?

In the game itself, money is not transferred. It is stored in the casino account through which you opened the game. To withdraw funds you need to go to the site’s account, and then find the cashier. In it switch to the tab «Output», choose the appropriate way and enter payment data.

How do I fund my Aviator account?

To play Aviator, you need to make a deposit at the casino through which you found the slot with the plane. To fund your account, you need to find in your personal account cashier and open the section «Deposit». From the offered list you need to choose a suitable method of transfer, then specify the amount and enter payment data.

Is it possible for me to hack into Aviator from Spribe?

It's unlikely to break into Aviator, as the game is highly secure and results are always random. Although there are many tactics of cheating online, none of them work.

How to play Aviator?

Determine the purpose of the game in Aviator. If you want to have a pleasant time, then determine the amount you are ready to lose. We advise you to play Aviator at minimum bets, in this case the balance of your game account will extend to a large number of rounds. If you are playing for money, then decide on the strategy of the game, because thoughtless pressing the keys is unlikely to result in a win that suits you.

How do I make a deposit on the Aviator game?

To make a deposit on the Aviator game, you need to register on the online casino site, deposit an amount to the game balance. With the amount on the game account, start playing Aviator.