Bill Werner

Author and Proofreader of the project - an experienced casino player with over 10 years of experience

Bill is an experienced casino player with a background as a dealer in major casinos. He knows the ins and outs and has precise information. He has a clear understanding of how things work from the inside and writes reviews based on this knowledge. He also verifies the accuracy of the data.

Over his long career in the casino industry, Bill has developed a strategy that allows players to increase their winnings significantly. Bill also verifies all the information published on the project.


Alisa Lemann

Author - igaming analyst and project expert in the field of fast crash games

Alisa is an experienced casino expert specializing in fast crash games and slots. Over the years, she has gained unparalleled experience in the slot game industry. Her professional niche is crash games, including popular ones like Aviator, JetX, Lucky Jet, and others.

In her reviews, Alisa reveals all the intricacies, volatility levels, and potential payouts of these games, allowing players to confidently navigate the exciting world of crash games and maximize their chances of success.


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